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Hi! My name is George Tsantrizos.

From 2007-2018, I spent the better part of my life working as a political advisor, often referred to as the backstage of politics. The endless hours of a non-existent schedule; the media, community and government relations; the time away from home; the multiple campaign trails; the hurrays and the boos; the compliments and criticisms; all that and much more were just part of the deal.

Why do it you say?

For the absolute privilege of working with individuals that ceaselessly demonstrated their profound and remarkable desire to contribute to society. 

Here's where I surprise you...

Many of those individuals had absolutely nothing to do with the political class. They were community organizers and leaders, businessmen and businesswomen, influencers, volunteers, inspirational men and women.

Here's the irony...

We depended on them as much, if not more, as they depended on us.


And the conversations! I think I'll miss those the most!

So I figured after all these years, perhaps there's a way to keep those going and share them with you all.


Welcome to The Backstage!

Hope you enjoy the conversations!


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Episode #74 - Alexandre Ramacieri
Episode #74 - Alexandre Ramacieri
Episode #74 - Alexandre Ramacieri

Episode #74 - Alexandre Ramacieri

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